The Workshop

This workshop is designed for someone who just took their camera out of the box or the seasoned pro.

The first day we will begin the workshop ensuring everyone understands depth of field, exposure, knowing your tools, and a walk through your camera. The remainder of the workshop will be spent on the principals of visual design, composition techniques, and using the available light to maximize impact on making photographs.

Attention will be given to creative photographic techniques. Workshop participants will be limited to eight to ensure individual instruction.

You will also have options on learning more about specific areas of interest throughout the week including available light portraits, digital imaging, supplemental flash, audiovisual presentations, multiple exposures, and night photography. Lectures will be given in Lions Head and on location when it lends itself to lecture material.

Location shooting will be held during optimum times for shooting. At each location, we will do a walk-through, analyzing lighting, and existing elements of design before shooting begins.


An evaluation and feedback session will be held daily. A typical day is up before sunrise, shoot, breakfast, break, lecture, lunch, lecture, break, shoot, and sleep!

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